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Philips LED SWITCH SCENE  3 Step 9.5 W CDL-WW
Philips LED SWITCH SCENE  3 Step 9.5 W CDL-WW
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14 Jan 2019
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IDR 62.000

Specification of

LED Lights Philips

LED light bulb Scene Swtich Philips 9w 3Step.
This lamp has 3 levels of brightness, 100%, 40% and 10%
The first light is 100% bright, then turn off the switch / turn off and turn on the bright light switch 40% and finally to 10%.

Product specifications:
Power: 220-240V
Power: 9w
Equivalent: 14W CFL (Neon) or 70W Incandescent Bulb
Lumen: 806 lm
Light Color: Yellow
Dimmer: 100% -> 40% -> 10%
Fitting: E27

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